How to Form a Nonprofit and Obtain IRS Approval - Video

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How to Form a Nonprofit and Obtain IRS Approval

Creating a nonprofit organization that meets the strict IRS guidelines is a challenging task.  This course focuses on the major issues that must be resolved by the organization and provides insight into the successful preparation of the IRS application for tax- exempt status.

The course is instructed by Stuart Sobel who has personally been involved with the formation of more than 2000 organizations worldwide.  Stu has been referred to by the media as a tax expert and the “Guru of Giving”.

Major topics:
  • Establishing a board of directors that meets governmental requirements
  • Formation of organizational bylaws
  • Forms of business organization for a nonprofit organization
  • Preparing IRS Forms 1023 and 1024 – applications for tax-exempt status
  • Tax and governance issues discussed in depth
Learning objectives:
  • Identify the steps for the formation of a successful organization
  • Discover tips for preparing a complete IRS Form 1023 or 1024

Designed for:  Tax practitioners who are advising their clients on the formation of new nonprofit organizations.

Who will benefit: 
This program will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in: 

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Accounting and taxation firms Law firms dealing with tax issues
  • For profit businesses involved in joint ventures with nonprofit organizations

Targeted mainly to:

  • Staff of nonprofit organizations
  • Officers and boards of directors of all types of nonprofit organizations Accountants and tax managers
  • Tax attorneys
  • Faculty and students of taxation courses
  • Foundations, United Ways, business leagues, and other forms of associations

Level:  Basic
CPE credit:  2 hours
NASBA & IRS Field of Study:  Taxes
Prerequisite:  None

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