Question:  What if I have a problem downloading the files?
Answer:   There will be a download link for your file(s) that you purchase.  If, for some reason, you are not able to finish the download and the link expires please contact us and we can help you.  All files will be downloaded into your dafault location on your computer unless you specify another location.  You can contact us here if you have any problems with the download(s).  

Question:  Are the videos valid for CPE credit?
Answer:  No, but we can refer you to one of our CPE Partners for one of our courses that qualify for CPE credit.

Question:  Can the video be used for commercial purposes?
Answer:  No, unless approval is provided by Tax Media Network, Inc.

Question:  Are the videos high quality productions?
Answer:  Yes, all programs are recorded in HD with high quality sound.

Question:  If a video is purchased do we receive any written material to accompany the program?
Answer:  Yes, we provide the power points and a course description in pdf formats upon purchase.  Self study material is separately priced.  Purchasing the self study material is for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

Question:  Do you ever have sales?
Answer:  Yes, periodically we will have specials on videos, books and bundle packages.

Question:  Can we receive written transcripts of the video productions.
Answer:  Yes, these are completed.  They are available available for an additional cost. 

Question:  Are the programs offered in any other languages besides English
Answer:  No

Question:    What is the average length of the programs?
Answer:  The majority of our programs are 100 minutes which equates to 2 CPE hours.  Some of our courses are 50 minutes in length.  See the individual course descriptions for more details.  

Question:  I am not a tax professional, are the programs to complicated for me to understand?
Answer:  No, we have created programming that is fit for people with various levels of financial expertise.  

Question:  Do you have a return policy?
Answer:  Since the program is a digital download, we cannot receive the return.  However, if you feel that a refund is warranted please contact us and we will work with you on your request.

Question:  How do we contact the Tax Media Store?
Answer:  Click here to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.  

Question:  Are the books available in hard copy?
Answer:  Yes, on this store and on Amazon.

Question:  Is there a subscription program for unlimited access?
Answer:  No, not at this time.  Please note, the digital video allows for unlimited viewing once you download them onto your computer.



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