IRS Practice and Procedure

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Avoiding Tax Practice Mistakes - Part 1 - Collection & Examination - Video
How the IRS Determines Unreported Income - Video
How to Contest IRS Penalties & Interest Determinations - Video
How to Defend a Client before IRS Examination & Collection - Video
How to Negotiate a IRS Appeals Settlement - Video
IRS Correspondence and Matching Programs - Video
IRS Defined Abusive Tax Shelters - Video
IRS Examination Selection Process - Video
Offers in Compromise and the IRS Audit Reconsideration Process - Video
Record Retention, Privacy, and the Freedom of Information Act - Video
The Internal Revenue Manual: How to Research Tax Issues and Learn to Avoid IRS Practice Mistakes - Video
The Top 50 Mistakes Practitioners Make and How To Fix Them: Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service - Book - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
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