How to Form a Nonprofit / For Profit Joint Venture That Meets IRS Criteria - Video

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How to Form a Nonprofit / For Profit Joint Venture That Meets IRS Criteria

Our challenging economy has forced nonprofit organizations to become more creative.  They can no longer rely on the paradigms of the past to create meaningful programs and secure adequate funding.  This course will provide insight and techniques, which meet the strict requirements of the IRS and other governmental authorities, for growing and sustaining organizations.  The course provides the student with real examples of how organizations established programs that were unique and non-traditional to grow and sustain there operations.  The challenging subject of unrelated business income will be clarified for programs of this type.

Major topics:

  • Programs that can be conducted through joint ventures
  • Forms of business organization
  • Activities conducted with disqualified persons
  • Securing IRS permission for new activities
  • Reporting activity on Form 990
  • Unrelated Business Taxable Income
Learning objectives:
  • Identify techniques for establishing a joint venture
  • Understand how to comply with IRS guidelines relating to joint ventures

Designed for:

  • CPAs who are advising clients on the creation of joint ventures between for-profit and nonprofit organizations

Level:  Intermediate
CPE credit:  2 hours
NASBA & IRS Field of Study:  Taxes
Prerequisites:  None

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