2015 - 2016 IRS Collection Review & Update - Video

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2015 and 2016 Collection Review and Update

By: Stuart Sobel & Steven Mopsick

This course offers students a unique opportunity to learn from two tax professionals as they share their expertise in a myriad of IRS practice and procedure subjects.  Both Stuart Sobel and Steven Mopsick retired from high-level positions with the Internal Revenue Service.  Since their retirement, they have practiced extensively in the private sector. Between them they have 90+ years of tax wisdom to share.

This course focuses on the challenging subject of IRS collection procedures.  Stuart and Steven’s wisdom can help you find answers to tax dilemmas when you are dealing with IRS collection.

Topics covered:

  • Explanation of IRS assessments
  • Statutes of limitation on assessments
  • Abating assessments
  • Dealing with the automated collection system
  • Representation before a revenue officer
  • Explanation of general and special tax liens 
  • Priority of IRS liens
  • Filing, discharge, and withdrawal of a lien
  • IRS levy – exemptions and defense of liens
  • Seizures of property
  • Collection due process hearings – IRS appeals and tax court procedures
  • Spousal defenses
  • IRS summons

Learning objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand representation of a client before an IRS collection official
  • Define the IRS terminology relating to levies, liens, seizures, collection, etc. 
  • Have improved knowledge of IRS assessments and statutes of limitations
  • Avoid tax malpractice mistakes in client representation

NASBA & IRS Field of Study:  Taxes
CPE credit:  1 hour
Prerequisites:  None
Advance preparation:  None
Level:  Basic


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